Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What's Up World!
Lemme properly introduce myself

My name is mC and in all honesty, I aint trynna be fly (i'm just fly on accident), I aint trynna be a MARTIAN, the next Wayne, the new KanYe, Lupe or Jay-Z, I just want to make honest music that reflects how I and the people around me feel. Influenced by the previously mentioned and in addition to that, a lot of the 90's R&B and hip-hop that I grew up listening to (80's baby). At the end of it all, good music speaks for itself, fuse that with a little bit of that new-new and here I am.

The Mission statement reads like:
"Personal, Honest music that pleases the ear and never lacks truth and honesty"

but you know just click the links in the upcoming posts and you'll get it
I'll probably post some of my closest cohorts efforts as well

Let's enjoy the journey

*Shout out to DTMD, Mirror Image, Mouse aka the Waldorf Posterboy, Supreme, Sincere, Oddisee, Largo, Waldorf and the WHOLE DMV*

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